2 Hour Complimentary Life Coaching Offer

2 hour Life Coaching / Executive Coaching session

Do You Want To Experience A Powerful 2 Hour Complimentary Life Coaching Session?


Life Coaching comes in many forms and many approaches and this Life coaching session focusses on you and where you want to go with your life. The session is an invitation to get off the surface of what you want to discuss and get into a deeper more powerful conversation about what is really important to you.


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Many times our attention is on a topic that once we get into the details often evolves and we often come away from the initial story and into greater details of what the real topic and issue to talk about is. Sometimes our stories mask our real wants and by working with me in a non-judgemental, accepting, supportive way we can unlock many possibilities for you this way.


Don’t be surprised if you get uncomfortable during a coaching conversation because that’s what it’s all about, uncovering the changes that are important and that often takes place.


If you come here open to be honest then you will get a lot out of this. Please remember this is a confidential space, and some things need to be said in total confidence to help you create powerful shifts towards your goals.

If this is you and if you can consider exploring a completely new type of conversation, one that you would never find with your friends, family or colleagues, then please contact me.


An important thing to remember is that I will always respect you. Although I am not here to please you, sometimes I will confront your story in a caring and supportive manner with tenacious tenderness but not get sucked in by it.


If you feel this life coaching session is for you and you can see yourself wanting changes in any part of your life click HERE now and contact me.


What happens after this life coaching session?

  • Some people feel complete after this 2-hour session.
  • Some people want to work with me long term, so we talk about that.
  • I sometimes refer people to other coaches after this session.
  • I sometimes offer people a resource after this session.
  • I sometimes offer more time together after this session.


I coach like this 75% of the time and it helps me find the right coaching clients. I want nothing in return for this and can afford to give away my time like this to serve people, so please remember this.


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